Wednesday, September 23, 2015

God in Writing

Many of you are surprised to read the above headline. Am I talking about religious writing? One can interpret it in many ways. No, I'm not talking about theological pieces, or anything to do with religious philosophy.

What I mean here is about the underlying force in writing. One need not be a church or temple goer, or even believe in any religion. By 'God in Writing', I mean the presence of a power you believe in, during the entire process of writing, from conception of an idea or ideas, to planning and execution.
Which by themselves are often incomprehensible, or unwieldy, or confusing.

When you seek to do everything by yourself, then any work will assume gigantic proportions. Small things will appear big and difficult. But when we place our faith in someone, or something, it becomes easily manageable. It's like having a companion or friend in your time of need.

Writing is a time when you need strength. It may be physical strength to withstand long hours of work, or emotional strength to see you through times when you are slogging away alone at your desk, away from the society to finish that last few pages. However much you want to be partying or be somewhere else other than your desk, you need some kind of strength to carry you through these tough pockets of time. That is when 'God' helps you, and gives you the strength, to carry on, in spite of everything.

In times of 'Writer's Block', you need 'God' the most. a writer's block comes in the first place, I believe, when your ego takes over. While you are creating some good pieces and one very good days, your pride makes you think that it is you who has produced that work. That is a dangerous process. If you think you're too good, then the pride halts you in your steps.

Your expectation from yourself becomes so high that you want everything from you to be the highest in quality and quantity. The ego asks and you deliver. Then a time comes when you cannot produce anything. You don't have anything to show. That is the effect of ego on creativity and writing.

Minimizing you ego means believing in 'God' or the power that feeds your creativity. When we think that all our creations come from God, it means we're subjugating our ego an raisin our work higher than the ego.

Creating any piece of writing, or art, needs some amount of 'ego' so that the creator's signature is seen in the outcome But too much ego isn't good. It will block you and you will stagnate. Just ask the Universe, the Power, the God to be with you. Then you're not alone. And you'll be able to create you best work.

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